God Mode Tab

The god mode tab allows you to change various features of a tile.

God Mode Tab

Activating the Tab

By default the god mode tab is not displayed; to be able to see it you need:

  1. To be in Developer Mode
  2. To activate God Mode

Activating Dev Mode is done by pressing the Options button on the Rimworld start screen:

Activate Dev Mode

Once Dev. Mode is activated, you should see the following at the top of the screen. Click on the View Settings button (third from the left):

View Settings

To activate God Mode you simply need to click on God Mode option.

View Settings

Once this is done, you should see the new God Mode tab on the PrepareLanding main window.


As of now, the following features of a tile can be changed:

To change feature simply choose the ones you want to change and finally click on the “Set Tile” Button. If you changed the biome or the elevation, you might want to click the Redraw Map button to reflect your change on the world map.

On the left part of the window you can find a button that is equivalent to the Temperature Forecast of the Temperature Tab.